Hedonism II - Negril

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Hedonism II | Negril Jamaica  

everything You've heard is true!

Top Nudist Resorts in Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II breaks the boundaries of other nudist resorts. Here, there’s never too much of a good thing. People travel from far and wide to live out their fantasies and escape all inhibition. Leave the mundane day-to-day behind, explore yourself as you explore the spectacular environment of Negril, Jamaica.

Take a nude vacation and be no one but your beautiful self. At our resort you can:

● Sleep in and stay up late.

● Give up counting calories.

● Have a drink before noon.

● Dine in shorts.

● Talk to strangers.

● Don’t make your bed.

● Go skinny dipping.

● Don’t call your mother.

● Let your hair down.

Hedonism II is a sandbox for your inner child, and nourishment for the mind, body, spirit, and soul. With absolutely everything included in one upfront price, you never have to think about money—not even tips—just what to do next.

The rumors, the legends, the myths are all true. For more than 30 years, Hedonism clothing optional resorts have enjoyed a reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people don’t talk about in polite circles. It’s what happens when you combine warm water, a white-sand beach, open bars, and open minds. Our lifestyle resort is about as far as you can get from your everyday life. And best of all, just about everything you can eat, drink, and do is included.




The exotic, beachfront Caribbean resort is located on the far western tip of Jamaica nestled in a secluded bay at the edge of Negril’s World Famous 7 Mile Beach silky white sand beach. With sunsets beyond description, breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, a lush tropical playground providing a sensual and carefree atmosphere, Hedonism II encourages you to live your fantasies to the fullest.


Often, some of the most satisfying experiences in life are the ones that you decide to keep a secret… A slightly wild side to all of us that we simply ignore or never act upon. Hedonism II is an adult playground, it feeds the mind, the body, the spirit and the soul.

There are many forms of pleasure which you may find at Hedonism II:

  • Your partner tells you how sexy you look.

  • This is the first time in months you read a book in the sun.

  • You like your bed but you would rather be in hers/his/theirs

  • You don’t feel like doing anything so you don’t.

  • You want to try the playroom for the first time.

  • You’ve never been nude in front of strangers. Now is the time!


With absolutely everything included in one upfront price, from amazing food and fine dining to unlimited top shelf drinks and premium cocktails. Scuba diving, volleyball and tennis with a pro instructor. A fully-equipped gym with a personal trainer and staff that goes above and beyond to make your stay more enjoyable.

You never have to think about money. Not even tips. Just what to do next. And when. And with whom.

After being wicked for a week at Hedonism II, you’ll view the world from a slightly different angle. You’ll be tanned and relaxed, and at times you’ll find yourself smiling for no reason whatsoever, nobody else needs to know…


Will I see naked people? Answer: yes. Hedonism II is a Lifestyle-friendly, clothing-optional beach resort where you can do pretty much what you want when you want. If you want to take it all off on our beach or pool areas, go ahead; if you prefer a little cover up, that’s fine too. At the end of the day, life’s too short to wait for deep kisses, amazing experiences and midnight swims. Memories keep a twinkle in your eye and keep everyone guessing where you went on vacation.

Is there a playroom? Yes, the rumors are true, we have a playroom called the Romping Shop. It is an environment purely designed for pleasure and play, a place for you to experience your deepest desires in a decadent exotic setting. Imagine soft lighting, white flowing drapery, soft fluffy pillows on beds surrounded by waterfalls – perfect for stargazing through the open rooftop. It’s an intimate atmosphere, soft, sexy and beautiful.

What to Pack? Yes, we’re a Lifestyle-friendly, clothing-optional resort but you will still need some clothes to enjoy certain public areas of the resort: lobby, restaurants, Lifestyle Boutique, Piano Bar, Wine Bar. We have a fully equipped gym, so if you really want to work out on vacation, gym shoes and work out attire is required. A note to the ladies; “a dress makes no sense unless it inspires a man (or woman) to want to take it off.”

Theme nights at Hedonism II Negril, Jamaica allow you to dress and act sexy, fun, flirty and with total freedom. Wearing a costume allows you to explore your wild side.